Sustainable competitive advantage offered by the company’s human resources through the use of competent employees to conduct their activities in an organizational environment of labor relations to maximize their valuable contribution in the processes involved.


Recruitment, retention and development of a workforce endowed with the qualities, skills, knowledge and skills appropriate to the specific requirements and significant potential training and continuous professional improvement in terms of ensuring compatibility between the firm’s overall strategy and HR strategy through the implementation of policies and specific practices aimed at fulfilling their commitment to the mission and values of the organization.
VALUES prized employees of the organization are:
Professionalism and timely responses to our clients’ requirements;
Flexibility and creativity in finding solutions for every problem;
Functions are integrated;
Competence and appetite for information continues in its own domain;
Potential and engaging in continuous process improvement skills and competencies;
Promote and support an environment that stimulates organizational performance excellence, full participation, and personal and organizational development;
Morality, loyalty, responsibility and commitment to individual and corporate;

Consider HR department as an environment in which:

People are stimulated, engaged and involved in processes that add value;
Supportive interactions and mutual respect is the standard attitude;
Functions are integrated;
Each is highlighted, cherished and appreciated objective;
Efficacy everyone is constantly evaluated;
Quality, excellence and creative spirit are incurajatr, valued and enhanced;
Processes are subject to continuous improvement;
Our efforts are efficient and effective, converged with the objectives of the organization.