About Us

The experience of  “RULMENŢI” S.A. Bârlad company from Bârlad which was accumulated during its over 60 years life in the bearings industry, determined its steady ascending evolution on the technical performances scale. The company succeeded to assert itself as a powerful and highly specialized enterprise.

Since 1953, when the company started to produce bearings, a continuous improvement process took place. Numerous changes were implemented in order to raise the life expectancy, loading capacity and operating precision of the bearings.

We include the respect for clients and the satisfaction of their needs among our fundamental principles. Therefore we tried to respond better to the market requirements by offering, besides the bearings with standardized shapes and sizes, a large range of non-standardized  bearings, specific to various utilization.

Tooling department is a competent business partner ready to offer advice, to help and solve problems. We have our own production capacity and can process parts and pieces under customer’s orders.