1. Open transaction

We offer an opportunity to all companies to participate in conducting open and impartial transactions. Selection of suppliers is based on a fair comparison considering quality, technical abilities, cost, delivery conditions and other aspects.

      2.Mutual development through mutual trust

Our approach is intended for mutual development through our business transactions. In our opinion, it is very important to develop good, long term relationship, basing on mutual trust and close cooperation  with our suppliers.

      3.  Joined excellence

Acting in the global environment of Automotive industry, we are following the terms of international norms, such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. We expect the readiness and the ability from our suppliers to perform, at least, the norm ISO 9001 and to develop themselves to the IATF 16949. Furthermore we expect the readiness of our suppliers to develop additional Management systems e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 45001 etc. according to our recommendation.

     4Promoting “green purchasing”

In order to pass a clean, rich environment on to the next generations and to help in building a society based on a careful consumption of resources, we make steps to promote “green purchasing”.

     5. Compliance with law and keeping confidentiality.

 To satisfy all groups of stakeholders, we shall comply with all laws and social norms to which our purchasing activities are subjected.

We shall care about the way of managing confidential information obtained as a result of our procurement activities. All our purchasing requirements and data must be shared to your sub-suppliers.

    6. Targets for suppliers

According to the integrated management system implemented and certified in Rulmenti SA the main targets established for suppliers are described below:
-    250PPM;
-    100% delivery performance;
-    100% quality performance.
The above targets are mandatory in the commercial and technical relations between the suppliers and Rulmenti SA.



            Our suppliers are priceless Partners in our continuous efforts to meet our customers’ requirements as well as possible within all business areas.

Rulmenti SA Barlad establishes minimal requirements for all his product and service suppliers and sub-suppliers, unconcerned if the products/services are directly or indirectly supplied through dealers.

Our purchasing orders are issued in writing. The supplier must also confirm in writing the receiving and compliance with requests from the purchasing order.



Rulmenti SA Barlad requirements for all suppliers are:

  • To inform the customer, without delay if the certifications for management system are suspended, expired;
  • At client recommendation, to develop other management systems (e.g. ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001);
  • Obliged to the “Zero defects” Philosophy, the supplier will deliver only products without any defect or deviation;
  • The ordered Quantity of products will be always delivered in time;
  • all obligatory quality documentation will be provided in time;
  • To (re-)act promptly at clients demands regarding corrective actions/improving measures of products/services;
  • To manage production capacity, considering the forecast sent by the customer, in order to prevent delivery difficulties;
  • To communicate and promptly react to any situation which affects delivery schedule and failure to meet specified requirements;
  • To notify the client, before products delivery, whenever changes occur in products, price policy or modifications of status (e.g. merges or affiliation);
  • To treat defect products that are found at the customer, with problem solving methods like 8D reports or ISHIKAWA and 5 Why Method;
  • To ensure privacy of data from procurement activity;
  • To conform 100% to special requirements established by the client, when requesting application requirements from AIAG manual(e.g. APQP, PPAP);
  • The identification and traceability of products must be guaranteed along the entire value chain (production, storage, logistics);
  • The packaging orders of the client have to be obtained;
  • To develop and maintain the control, monitoring and appropriate documentation of manufacturing process performance and to provide evidence on clients request;
  • To communicate information and data in a language and format that are compatible with the customer expectations;
  • To comply with 100% legal requirements and regulations, applicable for products and processes related to customer orders;
  • To provide with all supplementary costs caused by non-conformances with order specifications, including expenses occurred at customers location.



Rulmenti SA Barlad evaluates and selects his suppliers, based on the capabilities to supply products and services according to the requirements from orders.

The evaluation and selection criteria are defined in the approved procedures from the management system.

Rulmenti SA Barlad monitors suppliers performance by quality and delivery performance indicators.

The supplier accepts and supports regular and potentially extraordinary audits of the customer and casually the client of his customer or their representatives or representative of authorities.

Evaluation and classification criteria, performance indicators and the achieved results are communicated to suppliers on a regular base.