Keeps you rolling on the right way

Our mission is to develop and implement strategies for global bearing solution based on:

  • Enhanching customer benefit using our high quality product and services
  • Promoting creativity and applying intellectual capital effectively
  • Building business partner confidence and internal teamwork performance

Responsibility and Transparency
Upholding our core values of modesty, respect and proximity to people, being socially responsible and managing according to the principles of corporate governance.

Creating long-lasting advantages such as brand, technology, design, network and engineering.

Generating a management approach that promotes participation and collective thinking in the decision-making process.

Strategic Approach
Managing the present with excellence and shaping our future to ensure long term advantages.


Our quality control system assures economical production of high-quality products. Incorporating the latest inspection equipment, it immediately feeds data back to the previous process and drawing.

The system creates superior quality characteristics and assures quality which boasts absolute reliability.

Once it is part of the manufacturing process, our technology creates a forensic marker that can be authenticated by logistics firms, customs border control, distributors, retailers, consumers and audit teams for the lifespan of the product and beyond.

URB Group is a trusted brand for over 60 years!
We promote the tradition and performance of URB bearings worldwide.